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Amalfi Coast Accommodation - About us

Amalfi Coast Accommodation, a new way of thinking

Our passion to promote and protect the spirit of the Amalfi Coast through Leading Travel Agencies

We were born here and it is our objective to promote and protect the image and the spirit of the Amalfi Coast, a territory that has been given the status of World Patrimony of Mankind by UNESCO.

This renders us custodians responsible for an environment, a culture, a philosophy of living and of a style of life that we believe is our obligation to share with the world.

Beginning with our selection of unique housing solutions, Amalfi Coast Accommodation is prepared to advise you and put you in contact with Top Travel Agencies and through them with proprietors, individuals, locations homes, landscape, traditions, information and opportunities directly chosen from our secret treasury by citizens and residents of the area.

Moreover Amalfi Coast Accommodation selected only the leading Amalfi Coast Travel Agencies. We let them help travelers to find the best solution for their Amalfi Coast Vacation. In one enquiry, our clients will be contacted by these Travel Agencies offering the finests solutions, prices, availability and all Amalfi Coast Travel information they will need.

Amalfi Coast Accommodation chooses and proposes living solutions the quality of which we personally control and guarantee. It is important to us, in fact, that our clients appreciate and are aware of the security and basic comforts that only the best architecture and neighbourhoods can guarantee. Our scope is that of promoting a sophisticated living style that shuns the impersonal and globalized atmosphere which usually characterizes tourist lodgings. We prefer, precisely, properties with charm, small or grand, luxurious or unpretentious, which are able to facilitate our client's enjoyment of the accommodation, not just physically, but manifested by the emotions that our properties can provide.

Let yourself be tempted by the properties that we have chosen for you. It isn't important if you have a lot or little money to spend. Security, comfort, style and charm are the distinct features of our every proposal.

Amalfi Coast Accommodation
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