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Amalfi Coast Architectural Notes

Amalfi Coast Accommodation Architectural Notes:

A sanctuary to shelter the body, the heart and the mind (Le Corbusier).

Amalfi Coast Garden HouseBetween the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century magnificent residences were built along the Sorrento Peninsula, on the Islands in the Gulf and on the Amalfi Coast. These properties were often prized, renovated and salvaged by artists, intellectuals and eccentric aristocrats who adopted them as their chosen native land.
Still today it is possible to perceive the atmosphere that enchanted travelers from ancient times, many of whom found the opportunity to cut out refuges, houses, villas, and historic residences of incomparable beauty here. While we can't pretend to be able to offer everyone the opportunities which were provided during the golden age of building and architecture on the Coast, there remains, nevertheless, our custom to preserve a culture and a way of building homes that you will be able to discover in many of the homes chosen by Amalfi Coast Accommodation. As Le Corbusier, who designed villas and magnificent 'refuges' on the island of Capri, says, the conception of a home in this area is distinct and the result of a real and true passion and confrontation with the rock that reigns supreme everywhere. Here, as the great architect wrote, “ The house is no longer the classic closed box set on the base of a welcoming piece of flat land. It is a kind of architectural flowering. An emanation from the rock, a vegetable phenomenon, almost an architectural lichen...” which imposes and requests the possession of a great capacity of building engineering and an absolute vocation to comply with the will of a nature that is impossible to ignore in construction.

Amalfi Coast HomesThere isn't another way to build in this area, except by wrenching or carefully setting down the building like a nest between the rocks and the steep abysses making it flower like a shrub from the stone, or attach it to the rock like moss. Saying this, it all sounds very poetic and simple. Doing it, we can guarantee, isn't, and building a house here is an undertaking that alone justifies the stratospheric prices of our real estate market. Fortunately, nature knows how to be very generous with those who respect her, welcoming and giving even the most humble and simple ones views, terraces, scenery and gardens that – everywhere in the area - represent the most characteristic element of our architecture. Hanging gardens, terraces and porticoes that conserve a very different vocation from the normal conception of garden as a secret place, internal or protected from the house. Unlike the Roman concept of garden as internal, sheltered and a secret part of the dwelling, the Amalfi Coast garden is an extension of the house towards the exterior, towards the panorama and the sea.

Amalfi Coast Garden The presence of this external extension, this natural and continuous interior/exterior contamination, (inside-outside) is present and recurring even in the more simple constructions, manifested by the presence of balconies, windows, and terraces set directly in the Mediterranean scrub and always, and everywhere outstretched towards the sea. As difficult as they are to cultivate and beautiful especially in their spontaneous, wild character rich in shrubs and hardy plants that are capable of overtaking the most simple external facade with colour and perfume, it isn't the real Amalfi Coast if you haven't at least a little piece of terrace or garden. Terraces and gardens where you can eat outside, doze, receive friends and cook. The exterior of the house is, after all, the real living room, the real sitting room of our homes, open and lived in more than the inside. Besides you are here, and we believe that it is necessary, at least while you are on vacation, to live an alternative to the closed in life of the underground and it's suffocating atmosphere and rediscover contact with nature. While choosing the homes that we represent, we hope to offer above all that which everybody everywhere thinks a house should be. “A refuge for the body, the heart and the mind. We are sure that the residences that Amalfi Coast Accommodation offer are this kind of refuge for you and your loved ones.