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Amalfi Coast Tourist Notes

Amalfi Coast Accommodation Tourist Notes

Renting a house, an apartment or a villa for your vacation affords you an extremely intelligent way of visiting the Amalfi Coast. Below are 5 good reasons for choosing this type of vacation.

Amalfi Coast Relax 1) The Amalfi Coast is a magnificent area to explore any time of the year but its touristic vocation is historically seasonal. For this reason most foreign guide books advise against visiting outside the usual summer season. The reason? Simple: hotels, restaurants and bars are closed and it becomes difficult, during the other seasons to get meals and comfortable accommodations. The result? The high season is crowded and expensive and everywhere you are forced to mix with the masses. You are forced to pay higher prices everywhere with little hope of finding a table in a restaurant or a hotel room. In the summer season, in fact, we are 'sold out' just about everywhere. Renting a house with a kitchen of your own can represent a wonderful means for assimilating the more splendid moments of life on the Coast - at a reasonable and just cost and avoiding the legendary disadvantages. And, thus taking cover far from the human and automobile traffic that marks us during the summer period.

2) If you have 3 days or a week to visit us it is advisable that you have a base that is not regulated by strict hotel timetables that perhaps won't permit your visiting the tourist attractions that most interest you. To decide on having a hotel or full pension in the centre of Capri might not be such a good idea, especially if you intend visiting more places along the Coast. Rough seas, awful traffic or less-than-direct connections could set you way off schedule. On maps, islands, peninsulas and coasts seem to be more or less close to each other. We can guarantee you that, in practice, they are not.

3) People with special needs (children, the elderly or people with particular dietary regimes) shouldn't be subjected to the atmosphere and timetable of all-inclusive hotels while on holiday. Having a home at one's disposal allows one to feel free to do what and when one wants without bothering anyone. To walk around in your underwear, have a snack in the middle of the night, eat whenever you want, or prepare your child's breakfast when and how he likes it, are little luxuries that are very precious. And besides, you're on holiday, aren't you?

4) Renting a house lets you play more with your budget. The costs of paying for food and accommodation seem small compared to the alternative of hotel living. Besides, the same bottle of a great Italian wine in a crowded restaurant costs three times what it costs at the supermarket. Imagine the joy of happily sipping it on your own private terrace.

5) Getting to know the locals, becoming friends with your neighbors, being spoiled by your landlord or personally buying and preparing a gastronomic treat are perfect ways of really knowing a place. Visiting a place, in fact, doesn't mean knowing it. Living here, with and like the locals, will help you to understand why Italy is Italy. Or why we possess 60% of the artistic patrimony of the world, supremacy in fashion, and a very high quality of life. Here one lives, loafs and creates very well. Seeing is believing. You will soon become aware that the highlights advised or imposed by the tour guides are an absolute idiocy and the absolute worst way to enjoy your stay in Italy.