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Positano: Between Myth and Mundane...

The Never-waning Charm of Positano, Amalfi Coast Pearl

Positano Villas and Apartments: Agavi District or Chiesa Nuova and Liparlati Districts.

positano landscape It is not easy to talk about beauty, especially when it is indisputable and universally extolled. Likewise, it is not easy to verbalize Positano, a small town which enjoys the status and fame typically associated with the biggest names in international tourism. "Romantic city of Europe", the "perpendicular city", united nations world heritage site, magnet to artists, film makers, industrialist and intellectuals from around the globe, Positano isn't any longer just a geographical point on the map. Positano is a part of the collective imagination that we are encouraged to get lost in, or, at least, to visit once in our lifetime. Failing to do so, one loses the opportunity - almost unique in the word - to immerse oneself in a cascade of house and lanes overlooking the sea and is the thousands of opportunities for recreation and relaxation generated by a blend of nature, architecture, culture and hospitality that is capable of creating a magical atmosphere not easily found elsewhere.

Where words are not enough, only first-hand experience of a myth that has remained a forerunner of tourism for more than a century. With it's international allure and it's typically Mediterranean simplicity and cordiality, Positano continues to enchant visitors, artfully mixing the refined needs of the jet-set with the desire for serenity, peace and recreation which are common to all mankind. An authentic melting pot at races, ages and cultures, Positano offers every vacationer everything he needs to enjoy his holiday on his awn terms. Positano's high standards of hospitality make all visitors feel at ease.  positano villa Like a true aristocrat, Positano knows how to offer everyone the wonders of her landscape while keeping beautiful angles secret for the tourist who wants to look beyond the clamour of the mundane. For this group of traveller, Positano conserver her best features ready to implicate him in a slow-moving, enchanted discreet and reserved atmosphere. Notwithstanding her mundane reputation Positano has something to offer to everyone. The properties which we have chosen make up part of the reserved and secret neighborhoods of the star of the Amalfi Coast, offering the visitor lodging and attention of great appeal and fort not invaded or consumed by mass tourism. Our objective is to acquaint our clients with the most authentic perspective of the beauty of Positano, which when liberated from the garishness of mundane, cast the visitor into an atmosphere and lifestyle that can make anyone feel cuddled, loved and blessed by fate. Is all this the secret of the never-waning charm of the prima-donna of the Amalfi Coast? Obviously, it is not for us to decide. We prefer to let the visitor discover for himself by opening the doors to some of the most beautiful homes in the most fascinating neighborhoods of a town make-up of ting villages and tranquil oases, all easily reached from the heart of town, the central Piazzetta dei Mulini each neighborhood offers it's own particular atmosphere and like pearls in a tiara make up the myth that is Positano. Positano never wrongfully considered the beauty among the many beauties of the Amalfi Coast. Positano, the most exclusive place for your Amalfi Coast Accommodation.

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