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Rental Conditions

Amalfi Coast Accommodation - Rental Conditions

Amalfi Coast Accommodation Rental Conditions

Important Note:

  • The following Rental Conditions represent the most used conditions to rent an accommodation situated on the Amalfi Coast. Please note that these conditions may be affected by changes depending on the specific Amalfi Coast Agency you will decide to book through.
    Please read carefully the specific Travel Agency Rental Conditions before booking.

General booking conditions and sales contract

  • - Start/end of stay: Generally Saturday/Saturday, on request and where otherwise specified, rental may be available with different start and end dates;
  • - the accommodation rental shall start from 4 pm to 8 pm;
  • - the departure shall take place within 9 am.

Amalfi Coast Accommodation - Payment terms:

  • - 30% of the total amount due within 5 days of booking;
  • - the balance must be settled 60 days before the arrival date;
  • - for bookings made within 60 days of the arrival date, the balance must be settled at the time of booking.

Amalfi Coast Accommodation - Sales contract:

The booking is only considered to be accepted with the consequent making of the contract when the organiser sends the customer written confirmation of the same (e-mails and faxes are valid), and on receipt of the 30% deposit as stated in the payment terms. Failure to make the payments by the aforementioned dates (deposit and balance) shall constitute an express reason for contract termination and shall grant the organiser the right to cancel the booking and keep any deposits paid.

Amalfi Coast Accommodation - Modifications and Cancellation Charges

In the event of cancellation of a booking, even if it is substituted by another one, the following penalties must be paid:

  • - if the cancellation is made after the payment of the deposit of 30% of the letting price, this amount will not be returned (forfeit of deposit);
  • - if the cancellation is made from the day of payment of balance until 30 days before the start of letting period, the penalty is 60% of the letting price;
  • - if the cancellation is made between 30 and 16 days before the start of the letting period, the penalty is 80% of the letting price;
  • - if the cancellation is made less than 16 days before the start of the letting period, the penalty is 100% of the letting price.

ACA- Amalfi Coast Accommodation reserves the right, in the event of unforeseeable events, to replace the booked premises with another home with an identical or better ranking and characteristics and only in the event of force majeure may ACA- Amalfi Coast Accommodation cancel the contract and refund the customer any amounts paid;

  • - the said travel agents must be advised of any complaints within no later than 3 days after the end of the stay; complaints received after that date will be disregarded;
  • - on receipt of payment, ACA - Amalfi Coast Accommodation will inform the customer how to get to the rented accommodation and will provide a contact telephone number for a resident staff member who will welcome customers and hand over the keys to the accommodation as well as provide any assistance and tourist information required;
  • - the customer will be advised of any substantial changes to the rented accommodation.
    At the time of booking, ACA - Amalfi Coast Accommodation is not responsible for any changes made without having been informed by the accommodation owner;
  • - on arrival, the customer has to pay a refundable deposit (see the single house pages to know the amount) that guarantees the owner against any damage caused to the accommodation or furnishings in the home; the deposit will be refunded on departure if no damage has been verified. The owner has the right to deny entry into the accommodation if this deposit is not paid.

The rented home will not accommodate more than the amount of people stated in the technical data sheet of the home.

The court of Salerno shall be the court with jurisdiction in the event of any legal controversy.

Compulsory notification in accordance with art. 16 L. 269/98: Italian laws punish all crimes linked to prostitution and child pornography, including all crimes committed abroad, with imprisonment.

Amalfi Coast Accommodation Staff